Friday September 16, 2011



Colloquy and Tea

Chilliwack Mayor talks about being on the "runway of life" at Inspired Women seminar

Submitted by Maude Stephany/Mimi Nelson photo


ednesday September 7th dawned clear and bright for a group of women who came to take part in the first Inspired Women: Changing Paths Event held in the lobby of the Sutton Downtown Business Centre on Young Road.

This new series of monthly talks was created by Mimi Nelson of Visions Unleashed Life and Business Coaching. The purpose of these events is to help people make changes in their life and to “move from where they are to where they want to be.”

Seated in a semi-circle, a group of women gathered to hear what Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz had to say. Sharon shared some real nuggets – gleaned from her experiences as a woman, a pastor and as the Mayor of Chilliwack. Sharon started off the event by talking about being on the “runway of life,” and how many of us women sprint through, afraid to ask for help along the way.

“Women,” she said “need to remember to support each other, rather than tearing each other apart and to share the wisdom that they’ve gleaned from their own personal journeys.”

Sharon also reminded the women gathered to pace themselves and to think of their “life as a marathon rather than a sprint.” As a busy woman who decided early in life that she had to share a part of herself with her community, Sharon spoke about her relationship with her husband Jim, and how he has always been a strong supporter of her desire to be what she wanted to be and to do what she wanted to do. Having strong supporters in her life has made it possible for Sharon to achieve everything that she has.

“Never neglect the people around you,” Sharon shared, “cleaning the house, doing the dishes or going to work may seem important at the time– but relationships are what are really important.”

Coach Mimi agreed with this concept and reminded those gathered that, while many of us try to “balance” our lives (like a teeter-totter), living life in balance is near impossible because its very difficult to have all aspects of your life at same place at the same time. She talked about living life in harmony, instead, and thinking of how our life is like an orchestra or band.

“We can allow certain parts of the orchestra of our life to speak loudly for a time, and then take a back seat when another section needs to be louder for a time. In this way, we can still live harmoniously,” she said.

Women are known for talking. But when it comes to joining in political or religious discussion, many women are silent. Sharon reminded us that “many people don’t take the time that they’re given to speak” for some reason or another. When they talk, they come out with their fists up, ready to pick a fight. Instead, Sharon suggested, “everyone needs to learn how to find their voice and how to use it in such a way that it is respectful and beneficial to others.”

The event promoted lively discussion, and gave lots of food for thought for anyone who wanted to hear about making changes in their life. When asked what she liked most about the event, Keldie Jamieson , an Abbotsford Online Business Manager, said that she found “the intimate setting was relaxing and inviting. It felt like a bunch of friends getting together and having a wonderful talk... I will definitely be bringing a friend or two along to (the) next event.”

The next Visions Unleashed Inspired Women: Changing Paths Event will take place on Wednesday, October 19th at 9:30 am in the Sutton Downtown Business Centre lobby on Young Road. The speaker will be Tapati Das who has done work internationally with women in crisis. Donations of $10 will be collected at the door to benefit the Ann Davis Transition Society. To reserve a seat, please contact Coach Mimi at 604-791-1628 or email here.


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