Monday September 19, 2011

School Board

Maahs Wants Another Term

School Board Trustee announces re-election bid, points out mandate

Released by Heather Maahs, Trustee SD33


t is my intention to run for a second term as a trustee on the Chilliwack Board of Education.


A Board of Education's number one priority should be keeping students and their accomplishments at the forefront Unfortunately one of the things I have learned in my first term is that there is too much attention paid to the minutia in politics and not enough to the students, their parents and the education community that trustees are elected to serve.


The school act tells us that trustees top two responsibilities are students and finances. We do that when we hold the people we hire accountable for student results and making sure the resources are going to the right places. Ultimately it is a school trustee's duty to stand with the community and hold accountable those we hire to accomplish student success.


While we have a large number of successes in this district, we also have a large number of students who are not making it. This is unacceptable. We can and must do more for those students.

I'm asking voters to give me their support to address student needs throughout the community.

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