Friday September 23, 2011

School District 33

Early Dismissal

Audet says parent-teacher meetings may mean shorter days in class  

Released by Michael Audet, Supt. SD 33/Voice file photo


uring the school year our schools are permitted to have the early dismissal of students from regular school instruction during the regular school day. These early dismissals are for the purpose of facilitating parent teacher interviews regarding student progress.

Schools would typically include one or two early dismissal days in the school year and these days would be noted in the school calendar provided to parents, guardians, students and Staff. In some cases school would be closed one or two hours earlier than usual and the parent-teacher interview process would begin at that time.

The schedule for the early dismissal of students and for parent-teacher interviews is usually organized by the school administration and teaching Staff. We are now in Phase 1 of teacher job action. School principals and vice-principals are not able to work with teaching Staff to organize meetings for parents. Therefore, we will not be reducing instructional time to have early dismissal for the purpose of holding parent-teacher meetings during job action.

Teachers are expected to provide communication on student progress to parents and guardians. Please call your son or daughterís teacher to talk directly with the teacher or to organize a meeting to discuss your son or daughterís progress.

Please be advised that this decision pertains to all schools in the Chilliwack School District, for the duration of teacher job action.

On behalf of the Chilliwack School District I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

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