Wednesday September 28, 2011

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Music In Transit 

Home to Rosedale from the Columbia Valley Music Festival

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Field Trip was on the move last week back home from Columbia Valley Music Festival.


he Voice caught up with Field Trip band member Dylan Woelders from Rosedale at a street light in Chilliwack earlier this week. Woelders was headed back from the Columbia Valley Music Festival which took place September 23-25.


On board were members of the rock and roll band Lounge Hounds.

The music festival organizers and Tractorgrease Studio presented The Summer's End Party. The festival marked the final in a series of euphonious affairs in Columbia Valley this year.


The 2-day camping event featured "beer, bands, boxing, free camping , slip & slide, bon fire, merchandise and food."

Some of the bands featured Friday night were The Black Doves, Field Trip, The Corrupted Gentlemen and Limosis.


On Saturday Farmstock 2 with Harma White, Fanaticus , Damn Fine Cop, Random Dander hit the stage along with The Tractorgrease Folk, Marigold and Hemogoblin.


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