Wednesday September 28, 2011

Veterans News

Vets March Against Tory Funding Cuts

Will MP Mark Strahl be there for them Nov 5?

Released by Joe Beauchene/Voice file photo


s a result to last year's Day of Protest, there was a marked increase in awareness of the plight of veterans from the public at large.


However, little was achieved to correct many of the issues affecting veterans. It is obvious that the only way government will support veterans is by civic outrage and public support for veteran issues.


On Saturday, 5 November 2011, veterans will be united and protest peacefully, legally, and with dignity all across this great nation.


Furthermore, our government is presently planning to cut between 150 and 300 million dollars from VAC fiscal budget. They are reducing the deficit on the backs of veterans who sacrificed life, limb, and sanity for their country. This means that government lip service and photo opportunities will be on the increase, while valuable veteran services and programs will be on the decrease.

Veteran Issues

The five main issues that will be protested coast to coast are as follows:


For this protest to be be successful we need you!

I encourage everyone to mark down November 5th on the calendar and take part in the 2nd Annual Canada Wide Veteran Protest. Bring your spouse, your children, and encourage your neighbours & friends to join you in this important veteran movement. I urge you to wear your beret and medals with pride so that our MP understands that he represents a strong and thriving veteran community.


Gathering: 10:15-10:45 hrs, we will gather in the parking lot south side of the Cottonwood Mall, just east of Earl's Restaurant.

March: 1045 -1100 hrs, we will march to Mark Strahl's constituency office; for those unable to march, plan on being at the office prior to 11:00 hrs

For more information visit their website here.

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