Saturday September 24, 2011


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Five Minutes Of Funk 

Changes for Teddy Bear Dreams and Island Inkjet moves to Spadina

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owntown Chilliwack BIA Executive Director Kathy Funk, was in the Star 98.3 studios Wednesday talking with morning show personalities Scott Riley and Lisa Stevens about what's been happening lately with the Business Improvement Association. The following are the highlights from that conversation.


Teddy Bear Dreams & New Moves

It's truly a tradition in downtown. Teddy Bear Dreams I know I've had outfits for my kids from there for those special occasions and Teddy Bear Dreams is just part of downtown as a real tradition.

Carol is the proud new owner. It's just been sold and she's very passionate about this business.

She said it all started when she put her daughter into dance and she could pick up dance items at Teddy Bear Dreams. Those specialty items and before she knew it, she was buying the store when she found out it was for sale. So, she's very excited about it.

Along with the children's high-end clothing that they sell and quality gift items, she's added New Moves, which is sort of a store within a store for those who have a need for dancewear.

The dancewear is going to be something that she specializes in, and all brands so that it's good for all the different dance studios with their different needs, with shirts and shoes etc.

She says "do be patient" as they spruce up the store. So she's doing a makeover on the store and her specialty is going to be customer service and finding those hard-to-find items.

Island Inkjet on Spadina

It wasn't that long ago I talked about it on Young Rd. and Kitty has now purchased it and moved it over to Spadina because she identified that they needed more parking and there's lots of parking over hin her neighbourhood there.

Right across from the Pharmasave, she is proud to let us know that her handsome grandson, Jeffrey, is skilled and trained to help you solve any of your cartridge problems or needs because sometimes you have a problem with your cartridge and not sure what to do.

So what they plan to specialize in is really working to help you solve those little issues but the big thing is the significant savings in refilling. One thing I learned is that you can refill your cartridges indefinitely and she'll give you instructions in how to do that.

So, they're very service oriented and she said "remember that there's always ongoing savings at their store."

Gift certificates were given out to lucky callers from both stores.


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