Monday September 6, 2010

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The Trollsons Bring Mischief And Merriment

The loveable fairy tale troupe get the opening gig at Arts Centre


an you resist the power of storytelling? Grandpa Trollson sure can’t, particularly Hans Christian Andersen classics told by lovable trolls and youngsters from the audience. Presented by the Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society, The Trollsons, commence the Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s Grand Opening week on Sunday, September 19 at 2pm and 4pm and are sure to have children and adults break into smiles from their high energy performance on stage.

The story takes place deep in the forest, where a family of trolls cannot wait to celebrate Grandpa Trollson's 200th birthday--but he refuses to come out of his tree stump to join the party.

Photo credit: Grampa Trollson with Cake, Heidi Specht as Grandpa Trollson. Photo by Michael Ford

Stories that will delight your youngsters

Delightful and captivating stories are then told with the help of audience members, and sure enough, Grandpa Trollson joins the fun, singing and dancing to the accordion, drum and cowbell, making for a good old-fashioned troll time.

Producer, Lenard Stanga explains, “While it’s Grandpa Trollson’s 200th birthday, he does not want to come out of his tree stump because he is afraid he does not have anything to offer anymore. But in the end he realizes he is a great storyteller. The Trollsons is about valuing the culture growing older and what people have to offer.”

The Trollsons have been entertaining audiences since 1995, travelling to festivals and special events around Canada, as well as Singapore, China, and Japan. These eccentric characters have become a tremendous international hit, winning audiences over through their truly interactive tales of Hans Christian Andersen. The 50-minute show is suitable for ages 4 to 12 and includes five troll characters and one reindeer from the Canadian forest!

Tickets are now on sale for The Trollsons through the new Centre Box Office at 604.391.SHOW(7469).

Backgrond Information:

The Trollsons are a family of Scandinavian trolls that have been performing together since 1995, and have been seen at festivals, events, theatres and Children’s Festivals throughout the world. They have a wide range of performances, including children’s theatre, festival-stage shows, and interactive roving characters. They have just returned from a successful run at the Singapore International Children’s Festival, as well as the London, Ontario Children’s Festival, Shanghai Children’s Festival, and the China Puppet Theatre in Beijing. The incredible troll masks were made by award winning mask designer Melody Anderson.

Pangaea Arts is an award-winning intercultural, interdisciplinary world arts organization, formed to promote cultural interaction and the exchange of ideas between diverse communities and introduce Canadian audiences to performance traditions from around the world.

The Storyteller

It's Grandpa Trollson's 200th birthday party, but he refuses to come out of his tree stump to celebrate! When audience participants join the action onstage, Grandpa cannot resist the power of storytelling. Join us for three truly interactive tales based on stories by Hans Christian Andersen, featuring live music, incredible masks, physical comedy, improvisation, and good old fashioned troll trouble!

Audience members join in the action and become part of the unique storytelling style. With delightful sing-along songs, the audience is taken on a journey around the world. Be careful, you might just get swept up into the action!

Single tickets are now on sale for The Trollsons through the new Centre Box Office. Contact the Centre Box Office in person, by phone at 604.391.SHOW (7469), or online at $10 All Seats, $9 Members Discount

Star 98.3’s Children’s Series for the 2010/11 Season

Series subscriptions are also available and offer discounts up to 35%! Members will receive an additional $1 off each ticket.

To request a copy of the 2010-2011 Chilliwack Cultural Centre season brochure, please contact the Centre Box Office at 604-391-SHOW (7469) or e-mail Marketing Manager KellyAnne Tebrinke here.

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