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Spontaneous Acts Of Hair Removal

Fox fundraisers drive away from Chilliwack Ford with over $12,000

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Terry Fox run organizer, Margaret Kostrzewa and volunteers raised over $12k Saturday.


he marathon run mileage sign sadly ends at 3339 miles. But the for thousands of Canadians the run still continues and the miles continue to wrack up.


Chilliwack Ford held a special fundraiser Saturday a day prior to the Terry Fox Foundation's 30th Anniversary run. Surprisingly, there was a lower-than-expected turnout at the event but that did little to effect the bottom line as fundraisers still managed to bring in over $12,000 from the head shaves, vehicle auctions and donations from members of the community.

The numbers at the event indicated that just over 1-per-cent of Chilliwack's population showed up, which mystifies considering it was a rare opportunity to touch the 1980 Ford Econoline support van used by the Fox family in the Marathon of Hope and get a photo next to the national treasure.

Inside the van, on hallowed ground, Brett Kohli, National Director of the Terry Fox Foundation was busy getting the pristine piece of Canadiana ready for display.


"The van has been restored and refurbished to it's original condition from top to bottom by the Ford Motor Co.," said Kohli. "Everything is the way it was then.                             Inside the 1980 Ford Econoline van.                


Terry Fox Run coordinator, Margaret Kostrzewa, in her eighth year organizing the run, told the Voice she wanted to do something special for the 30th Anniversary.

Kostrzewa said the response from the community for the event was great.

"We're just hoping to get the support that we need today and just show our gratitude to the Fox family considering their life of Terry Fox, their son," she said. "Betty is just a remarkable lady and so is Rolly and I've gotten to know them over the last few years doing events, they're very kind and very generous."

The community event featured performances from Images Dance Studio, Johnny Cash impressionist D.R Weyman and local band Pardon My Striptease.

"We're so lucky that Chilliwack Ford donated 6 of the used cars and the band, Pardon My Striptease, just came to me and they're going to give me half of the proceeds from their CD and merchandise sales," said Kostrzewa.

Weyman was first on stage to warm up the crowd. Recently he performed in the Reflections in Black show in Glendale Oregon with Johnny Cash's sister, Joanne.

"She did her gospel stuff and I did my regular Johnny Cash Tribute Show," said Weyman.

Pardon My Striptease stops for a pic next to the iconic van.

Following the man in black was Images Dance Studio who had dancers run through interesting routines including one called "Fast Food Rockers" which is a spin-off from the McDonalds theme jingle performed by Sydney Penner (11) and Keira Fedorik (11).

"I've been dancing for about 8-years," giggled the 11-year-old Penner who went on to perform her routine flawlessly.

Rounding out the show on the Jambox stage was Pardon My Striptease who played for 100 people like they were in front of 10,000.

The band is currently managed by ex-Chilliwack mayor Clint Hames who made a personal $100 head shave challenge to band members  two of whom responded to the dare.

"They're a great bunch of guys," said Hames of his band. "Whenever they get a call from the community they are right there and are always giving stuff like this."

Chilliwack Ford's Lot Manager, Glen, said the cars in the auction were all safety inspected and road-ready.

"These cars were the best of the bunch and it's all going to a good cause, the Terry Fox foundation for cancer research, so the more money the better," he said.

The vehicle which raised the most money was the 2002 Kia van which fetched $2600 followed by the 2000 Chev Malibu that was bid up to $2200.

Starfm radio personality, Jeff Molnar, emceed the event and was also coaxed into lopping his locks by a $100 donation from Hames.

"Just to be asked to be part of the event was a true honour for me so I'm happy to be here," said Molnar.

Chilliwack City Coun. Ken Huttema had the honours of practicing his sheep shearing abilities on fellow Coun. Stam's mullet and had quite a bit of fun doing it.

Chuck Stam told the Voice that he raised $3876 mostly through an e-mail campaign tied to the Terry Fox website.

"I sent out an e-mail to my contact list," said Stam. "It came from all over North America, friends from the states, people from right across Canada and all I told them was (they would get) a before and after picture."

"Good on Chilliwack Ford for having this, for hosting this and my son Brent with the green shirt is our cancer survivor, he's going to lose his locks here as well and he's part of our fundraiser." said Stam from the stage.            Chilliwack Coun. Chuck Stam.

"A few people showed up here today and donated money which is hugely, hugely appreciated," he added.

Run supporter Brian Earl, said he does it every year and will always be doing the run. "I suspect I'll be doing it until I'm in a hospital bed," he said.

Local runner John Hebert, said he was running from Mission to Chilliwack on Sunday.

"This will be my 5th year running and I'm in around the $4000 mark right now," he said.

The Chilliwack Lions Club sold BBQ food and drinks by donation.

Kostrzewa wrapped up the afternoon by thanking the volunteers and everyone involved in making the event possible as well as Calvin Rempel from Jambox who provided the stage and sound mixing.

For more information on how to get Jambox at your event visit their website at:

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