Thursday September 30, 2010

News Release

Shocked and Hawed

Residents up in arms after Ministry of Mines snubs community in favour of gravel pit

Submitted by Glen Thompson


nvironmentalists, residents and local officials are shocked and awed to see in Tuesday’s Progress (p5) an unexpected comment by Minister of State Mining Randy Hawes, stating that the open pit gravel mine can now proceed in the Chilliwack River Valley.

Where is the study showing there will be no impact on the multi-million dollar dfo fish hatchery? Where is the science showing there will be zero impact on the Upper Chilliwack River Aquifer? The CRV community and its petitioners against the open pit mine certainly haven't seen any unbiased scientific evidence.


                                                                              Minister of Mines, Randy Hawes


A request for a review of the mine has been submitted to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). EAO staff have considered the request over the last 2 months and provided recommendations to Environment Minister Barry Penner. The fate of the Open Pit Review awaits his decision.

Our community is shocked, awed and insulted that Mining Minister Hawes is stating the mine is ready to proceed without waiting for the Environment Minister to decide on whether the assessment will go ahead. Mr. Penner will determine if the final decision will be based on science from a full environmental assessment or if it will be based on Randy Hawes desire to skip the review. Hawes says the 30 million tonnes of gravel at the mine is too small to need an assessment. Our previous meeting with Minister Penner led us to believe that he was seriously concerned with the 40 to 80 metre deep mine and yet we haven’t heard back from him.

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