Wednesday September 22, 2010


Rail Report Rosy

Buker lauds light rail as viable community transit 



ail For The Valley is extremely excited to announce the release of a comprehensive independent analysis of the potential for light rail service on the existing and publicly owned Interurban Rail Corridor, connecting communities from Chilliwack to Vancouver with an affordable, sustainable public transportation system. The study, now complete, was performed by Leewood Projects.

This is the most comprehensive light rail study ever undertaken in this province, performed by a company with professional expertise in light rail solutions. This report at long last provides us with an honest accounting of the potential for light rail service on the Interurban corridor.

Click on this link to get the full story, and highlights of what's in the report:

To download the full 84 page report, click here:

What can you do to help us right now?

1) Educate yourself. Browse through the report. The Journey Times on pdf Page 79 of the report will be of particular interest to many. Many sections will be of interest. Use the Table of Contents to not get lost.

2) Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper. Let them know what you think. Articles on the report will be coming out in newspapers shortly. Keep these articles in mind when crafting your Letters.

3) Contact your local representatives at all levels of government. This report answers a lot of questions, and puts to rest a lot of misinformation that may have made its way into the heads of well-meaning politicians. They have to hear from you. Keep in mind when dealing with politicians that this is a very serious report, and that the report's author, David Cockle of Leewood Projects, has impeccable credentials. Leewood Projects has previously been involved in such prestigious projects as, among others, the Channel Tunnel.

4) Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading,

John Buker, Rail For The Valley