Sunday September 5, 2010

Upcoming Event

Peachland Support Rally

Chilliwack caravan to thank lakeside village Mayor


Peachland Rally is planned for September 11, 2010. For those of you who want to travel caravan style, we will meet at Chilliwack’s Cottonwood Mall parking lot @ 7:30am (see details below). On arrival at 12:00pm, we’ll all meet at the Peachland’s Cenotaph.


Why Go?

We want to support the community of Peachland and to say “Thanks." Peachland has a Land Use Bylaw which gives them control over where gravel mines can and cannot operate. But the Ministry of Mines permitted a gravel mine anyway and thereby disregarded that bylaw. The gravel miner began operations in defiance of the Bylaw.


Peachland issued a “Stop Work Order” and then began the process of getting a court injunction. The operator has since agreed to cease operations until a judicial review of the district's soil removal bylaw has been completed. We support local control of gravel mining in all BC communities.


The significance of Peachland’s Bylaw is the fact that many communities cannot control where gravel mines locate because they do not have a control Bylaw. Of those that do, many refuse to enforce them (like Abbotsford, FVRD, Lake Errock et al). We are going to Peachland to thank them for standing up for their rights.


Representatives from numerous BC communities will be at this important rally. Time to meet, talk, share and plan strategies. Time to eat a peach on the beach!


Departure Location

For those of you who would like to travel caravan style, we will rally at 7:30am sharp at the Starbucks at Cottonwood Mall parking lot in Chilliwack just off Highway #1.


Directions to Cottonwood Parking Lot

Head East on Highway #1, take the Vedder exit, turn right toward Sardis, turn right again on Luckakuck Way, turn right at third driveway into Mall parking lot.



Approximately 289 km from Abbotsford to Peachland. Travel Time approx 3.5 hours


Arrival Rally Point

We’ll all meet at Peachland’s Cenot (see picture left) at waterfront across from 2nd St and Beach Ave., Peachland at 12:00 noon.


What to Bring

Bring a hand crafted or computer designed sign (can be as big as you like) ie: “Thank you Peachland" from "Chilliwack." Post some signage on car windows, and possibly others as hand held signs, or shirts etc.


For more information call Glen Thompson from Friends of the Chilliwack River Valley at: 604-847-3732 or e-mail here.



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