Thursday September 2, 2010


Open Letter To Transportation Minster Chuck Strahl

McDonald looks to feds for rail in the valley help


Myrtle Macdonald, MSc.A - Nursing Education and Research, McGill University. Macdonald worked as an outreach nurse for many years in Montreal is now with the Chilliwack branch of the Schizophrenic Association of BC.


Dear Chuck:


I am delighted that you are now the Transportation Minister. I am concerned about congestion on Highway #1, and the need for a passenger service 4 times a day in each direction on the Southern Railway, from Chilliwack to Delta and on to Annacis Island. This will serve:

a. Students attending all the universities and colleges south of the Fraser River,

b. Passengers to Abbotsford Airport,

c. Farmers who have no public transport south of Hwy 1,

d. Commuters, most of whom work south of the Fraser River.

e. Besides it would connect with the Skytrain on Scott Road, and thus get people to Vancouver and UBC.

f. Cultus Lake, Vedder River and Chilliwack Lake could become joyful destinations for tourists who could enjoy the scenery along the way, restfully on a train. Beyond Chilliwack, tourists could proceed to Harrison Hot Springs, and on their way Minter Gardens, Bridal Veil Falls, Aboriginal historic sites, Kirby, Agassiz, Hope, etc, etc. Minibuses could shuttle people here and there. Why not?

g. The connection with the whole USA rail system, at Huntington/Sumas has great potential too. There are already refrigerator cars on the Southern Railway, so the import and export of fruit and vegetables has a great future that could cut down on huge dangerous trucks that fill our air with fumes and keep costs of highway maintenance unnecessarily high.

I am grateful for funding by the Ministry of Transport to build crossing guards for level crossing starting with Upper Prairie Rd. See in  on page 12-13 April 29, an article "Upper Prairie Rd. Crossing Guard : The federal government across the country". See pictures with SRY tracks. "The feds are chipping in $175,280 and the new crossing on Upper Prairie Rd. will end up costing $219,000."

For more information on the Grade Crossing Improvement Program visit here.

I downloaded the interesting practical article of 5 pages and saw there are regional offices including Pacific Region. The e-mail here: or by telephone 1-888-267-7704

As my MP, I also send you info about the oceans in general and the environment in the Arctic. It is relevant to the overuse and drilling for oil. Please forward this to those ministries most responsible. I believe ministries overlap. As a result they assume import issues are given attention by another ministry, whereas gaps are left without anyone in government giving attention.

I was touched to see you and your grandchildren at their aunt Marie Amos' wedding.

Myrtle Macdonald


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