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Laugh Until You Cry

A night of comedy with TJ Dawe



ake a journey into the mind of TJ Dawe. Affectionately known as the “Fringe God” on the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit, Dawe brings his new one-man show Lucky 9 to Chilliwack for one performance to help celebrate the opening of the new Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s Rotary Hall Studio Theatre.


Catch The "Fringe God" Live

Take a journey into the mind of TJ Dawe. Affectionately known as the “Fringe God” on the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit, Dawe brings his new one-man show Lucky 9 to Chilliwack for one performance to help celebrate the opening of the new Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s Rotary Hall Studio Theatre. On Wednesday, September 22nd, the self-declared "wild vagabond artist will address the audience in a mile-a-minute conversational style that turns into storytelling that engages all emotions — making you laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh!

Audiences across the country have been filling the houses of Dawe’s shows for over a decade now. Past autobiographical works include The Slipknot, Labrador, and Tired Clichés, as well as having written or directed 52 Pick-up, The One Man Stars Wars Trilogy, The Power of Ignorance and many others.

Structured To A "T"

After performing in over 80 Fringe Festivals, Dawe needed a year off. During his time away from the stage, he was fascinated by a personality-typing system which ultimately changed the way he looks at the world and his close relationships. Taking the steps needed to re-connect with his mother and sister, Dawe began to be inspired once again to write and share his reflections with an audience.

“Fringe veteran TJ Dawe has made a name for himself performing autobiographical material, but his latest feels so intensely personal—dealing with emotions and family—that it’s as though we’re in his head,” reviews Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel, “And it’s a wonderful place to be.”

When speaking with Dawe, you come to realize that this is not a normal monologue nor a stand-up routine or even just a one-man play, because it’s more personal, more intimate, and more thoughtful. Emotions are engaged and audience members truly learn a couple of things and leave wanting to learn more.

“Expect laughs,” reassures Dawe, “And to be inspired. Lucky 9 is about me making sense of my life, and examining various works, including the HBO TV series The Wire, Vancouver doctor Gabor Mate’s writings, and the Enneagram personality test—making for some pretty wild entertainment.”

Tickets Are Selling Out!

Thanks to detailed storytelling and Dawe’s talent for that anxious/nerdy self-analytical raconteur

style (think Woody Allen as a Catholic from Vancouver), Lucky 9 entertains, enlightens and uplifts. Come along with famed Fringe Festival performer, Dawe, and be guaranteed to leave with a lingering feel-good buzz and a new dear friend.

Lucky 9 falls mid-week during The Centre’s Grand Opening line-up of shows, which include The Trollsons on Sunday September 19th, the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra’s Last Rose of Summer on Monday, Seacoast Studios production of Barry Broadfoot’s 10 Lost Years on Tuesday, Kokoma African Heritage Drum and Dance Ensemble on Thursday, and the opening of the new Chilliwack Art Gallery on Friday.  Culminating the week is the Red Carpet Affair – Gala Opening with Broadway stars taking the stage. Tickets for all events are available through the Centre Box Office.

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TJ Dawe's Biography

TJ Dawe was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. In the 90s he earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from the University of Victoria. He toured the Canadian Fringe Circuit while still a student, and did his first solo show shortly thereafter. He’s been writing, performing and touring ever since. Directing and dramaturging came into the picture somewhere along the way. Later came podcasting and blogging.


Some career highlights:

1998 - TJ joins Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

1999 - TJ’s solo show Tired Cliches wins a Jessie Richardson Award for Best New Play or Musical - Festival Category

2001 - TJ’s solo show The Slipknot plays the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival

2004 - TJ’s plays Labrador and The Slipknot are published by Brindle and Glass

2004 - Bravo Canada broadcasts TJ’s show A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s

2004 - Sheep Noir Productions buys the film option for Toothpaste & Cigars (co-written by TJ and Mike Rinaldi)

2005 - The One Man Star Wars Trilogy (TJ directed and dramaturged) plays off-Broadway in New York at the Lamb’s Theatre for five months

2005 - The BC and Alberta Touring Council names TJ their touring artist of the year for regional performances of The Slipknot

2006 - Brindle and Glass publishes the script for The Power of Ignorance and a companion piece humour book (both co-written by TJ and Chris Gibbs, based on a character and concept by Sam Reynolds and Jeff Sumerel)

2007 - Sheep Noir Productions gets a development deal for Toothpaste & Cigars (now titled The F Word) with Fox Searchlight Pictures

2009 - TJ launches the Totem Figures Podcast Project

2010 - Canadian Theatre Review magazine publishes the play script for TJ’s solo show Totem Figures in its Winter issue, along with a scholarly article about him and autobiographical theatre which refers to TJ as “Canada’s most prolific writer of autobiographical monologues”

2010 - Launch of Beams and Struts: An Integral Inquiry into a Post-Postmodern Age - an online journal TJ co-edits and writes for

You won’t want to miss this Fringe Festival star. Single tickets are now on sale for Lucky 9 through the new Centre Box Office. Contact the Centre Box Office in person, by phone at 604-391-SHOW (7469) or online at


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