Friday September 17, 2010


Helping Float the Canada Boat

CUPW posties show solidarity for Gaza people

Courtesy of Janine Bandcroft, editor Victoria Street Newz


he Canada Boat to Gaza Campaign salutes the Canada’s Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and its workers for their solidarity with our campaign and the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom.

“The Canadian Boat to Gaza is eager to carry mail to Gaza if the ban is not lifted soon” said Sandra Ruch, spokesperson for the Canadian Boat to Gaza. “We will make every effort to deliver any mail we get to the postal authorities in Gaza. We ask senders to limit mail they send us to unsealed postcards of greeting and support to loved ones keeping in mind that it, as well as the rest of our cargo, may end up in Israeli hands if our boat is pirated.”

Article 25 of the fourth Geneva Convention guarantees the right to personal correspondence with family members under occupation.

“As postal workers, we know very well that cutting off mail creates suffering and hardship for people, who are isolated from their loved ones,” said Denis Lemelin, National President of CUPW. “How many more abuses will the people of Gaza have to endure?”

Send your postcards (only) for people in Gaza to:

Canadian Boat to Gaza

C.P. 92087, Portobello

Brossard, Quebec

J4W 3K8

For more information or to donate to the Canadian Boat to Gaza Campaign who are looking to raise $300,000 to cover the costs of sending the boat visit:


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