Friday September 3, 2010

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Gettin' Iggy With It 

Ignatieff's Fraser Canyon connection

Chris Gadsden photos


iberal leader Michael Ignatieff made a stop in Yale BC August 22, but the Yale-only visit was more than just a pit stop for "Iggy" on his cross-Canada bus tour. Ignatieff was there to deliver in person, his great grandfather's journal to the Yale Museum. The cherished logbook, was written by George Munro Grant, a rail surveyor who travelled west in 1872 after the overlanders first blazed a trail in 1862 and after the Cariboo Wagon Road was built in 1865.

Among those in attendance at the outdoor ceremony was Chilliwack's Fraser Valley Salmon Society director Chris Gadsden who gave a Salmon Are Sacred tee shirt to Ignatieff, who seemed interested in the salmon issue.

"I got to present to Michael a Salmon are Sacred T shirt that Don had given to me to present to him, and he said 'Now I can look up about the issue on the web site,'" said Gadsden in an e-mail to the Voice.

                                                                    Chris Gadsden gives liberal party leader a tee shirt.


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