Thursday September 2, 2010


Ministry Moves To Snatch Unborn Child

Baynes custody battle takes a new turn



ust a short note to let you know that our side of the case is now done and the Ministry is to make their closing arguments in the near future. No date has yet been set.


Also, Paul and I are expecting our fourth child and the Ministry has received this information through unauthorized access to our email. I had emailed the news of our pregnancy to our lawyer, Ray Ferris, Ron Unruh, Mr. Cheung and my father. It was with agreed to keep confidence. Finn Jensen ended my cross examination with inquiring as to my pregnancy, which I had not disclosed.


It is their intention to remove at birth, if the courts grant a CCO. They used this to insinuate that I would be unable to handle four children though not based on any previous evidence to this effect in our history of parenting. Merely a suggestion to the court. They would wish to expand the scope of the CCO to include our unborn child.


Ron Unruh has posted further details to this on his blog.


Thank you

Zabeth Bayne




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