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Mayor Gaetz at Coast Hotel 1st Anniversary. Voice file.

Mayor Sharon Gaetz talks about Arts Centre Grand Opening



ayor Sharon Gaetz was on 98.3 Starfm Thursday to talk about the Arts and Culture Centre's Grand Opening Gala coming up next Saturday, Sept. 25.


The following are highlights from her conversation with morning show hosts, Scott and Lisa.


I am so excited about this. This is going to be the Grand Opening of the Cultural Centre. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event.

First of all, I just want to tell people who get a little nervous about the arts because my husband is one of those guys, you know he's way more comfortable sitting in a Bruins chair, this is going to be really truly so much fun.

We have of course this beautiful place that is being opened that is $21-million worth of stuff, it will blow the socks off of you when you see it. It's fully paid for and having said that this is a fundraiser for all the bells and whistles that are going to be inside of the Cultural Centre.

So you know some people may find that $150 a ticket might seem a little bit out of their budget but there is true value there and I've got to tell you are going to be so impressed.

There's a cast that is coming from New York and a cast that is coming from Los Angeles and they're going to be putting on a fantastic show for everyone.

You'll have to put up with me giving a little speech and cutting a ribbon but beside that it's going to be a grand show. And when you come there's going to have three receptions really, a pre-reception where Preston's is providing hors' dourves for everybody.

There's going to be in the middle, a champagne intermission and in the end, desserts for everybody. People are coming in all manners of dress from formal right down to business attire. Whatever people want to wear is quite fine. We just want you to have a ball and have fun doing this.

There is something else too for the people who are glee fans, I think they call them "Gleeks." For all the gleek fans there is a star from this show coming, his name is Patrick Gallagher and apparently he's quite well-known. He has played in movies such as Night in the Museum and True Blood, Da Vinci's Inquest, the new Hawaii Five-O, Men of a Certain Age.

He's going to be there and he was brought up in Chilliwack so we're pretty proud of him and we're really excited that he's coming as well.

What we want more than anything is for people to have a really good party and to remember that this really will be something they can remember for the rest of their life.

Remember we used to get those bumper sticker things like 'I Drove The Coquihalla, really, this is driving the Coquihalla on opening day. It's going to be so cool.

I want to also mention to people, because this is a fundraiser, the board has been able to secure a tax receipt for you if you buy a ticket from them, and you can do that by going online, you can click on our city website or you can go over to Chilliwack Cultural Centre  or go to or you can drop down to the Centre actually and pick up your tickets too, they will give you a $40 tax receipt, which is really quite nice come the end of April when we're all looking for those kind of breaks so, it's really helping out the city, it's a grand hurrah and I'm really excited about this whole thing.

When you look at the old Cultural Centre and what it was like, you just will not believe this. When you walk into the auditorium the first thing you'll notice is this massive red, plush beautiful, old fashioned and yet kind of cutting-edge, I can't even describe it, this black stage with this huge chandelier, a big grand piano.

It is beautiful and that's just the performance part. There's so much more to this building and did I mention it is fully paid for? I think I did.

There's going to be some magnificent stuff that is going to be happening besides, did I mention that I'm cutting ribbons? There's going to be a lot of entertainment there, as I said there are groups that are coming from Los Angeles, one that is coming from New York and they are going to be performing numbers from some of the well-known musicals.

It is on Saturday, October 25, so coming up really shortly, 7 o'clock the pre-entertainment begins. We'll be having students from the Academy coming to do some music for us as well as you're waiting in line and schmoozing with everyone, seeing who loves the arts and who dragged their wife or husband out.

Tickets are $150 and tax receipts are issued and can be picked up at the Cultural Centre at 9201 Courbould St. If you want to get a little sneak preview of the Cultural Centre you can visit their website for more information.


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