Sunday September 19, 2010


A Dangerous Precedent

Krawczyk faces possibility of life in prison

Submitted by Janine Bandcroft, Editor of Victoria Street Newz


here is a very serious development occurring in Betty's appeal. The Attorney General (the Crown) is going to try to persuade the Court to look at locking Betty away for fifteen, twenty-five years, or even for life. The way there are going to do this is by asking the Court to designate her a chronic offender and to re-sentence her under the rules of "accumulated convictions."

Here are the facts:
The Crown has entered into the Court in his responses to Betty's appeal these facts: Two cases he refers for the judges to consider for Betty Krawczyk's sentence appeal are both concerning repeated violent pedophiles who raped their own children. The case for one is entitled Regina v. C.A.M and the other is R.v. M (C.A.) But in the one case R.V.M (C.A) the Crown (Michael Brundrett) emphasizes one judge's opinion on the sentencing principle.

"When an accused has been convicted of a serious crime in itself calling for a substantial sentence and when he suffers from some mental or personality disorder rendering him a danger to the community but not subjecting him to confinement in a mental institution and when it is uncertain when, if ever, the accused will be cured of his affliction, in my opinion the appropriate sentence is one of life."

So this is how the Attorney General plans to get rid of Betty. Have the court declare that my search, and others' search, for justice and fairness from our own government and in the court and for protection of our life support systems for the future is a mental and personality disorder, much like violent pedophiles who repeatedly rape their own children.

You can see how important it is for people to be there on Wednesday to support Betty and others in the right to protest the destruction of our forests and streams. The more people who know that the right to protest is being equated with perversion and that everybody is being threatened by the Attorney General with unheard of sentences.
Life? My God.

Monika Marcovici

Rally: September 22, 9:30am: Speakers Rex Weyler and Cameron Ward
Courthouse: September 22 at 10:00am at the Criminal and Appeals Court 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC (Back steps of the courthouse, Howe & Robson Street)


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