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10 Lost Years: A Heroic Portrait of Canadians

Tragedy and Triumph on stage at the Cultch



ur aim is for audience members to laugh through their tears, comments 10 Lost Years Creator and Director Scott Swan. As one of the most powerful Canadian plays, 10 Lost Years is presented by the Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society and comes to The Centre on September 21st at 8pm.

                                   Merrilyn Gann, Actress in 10 Lost Years. Submitted.


“Our aim is for audience members to laugh through their tears,” comments Ten Lost Years Creator and Director Scott Swan. As one of the most powerful Canadian plays, Ten Lost Years is presented by the Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society and comes to The Centre on September 21st at 8pm. This production touches the heart and enlivens the spirit of everyone who attends, making for an ideal show for the community of Chilliwack.


From an era before Canada had a social safety net, captivating stories of human tragedy and moral triumph are told of experiences through the hardest of times. It is a history told in the first person by bank tellers, farmers, waitresses and poor bloody infantrymen, all creating powerful accounts in Broadfoot's best-seller.


A Powerful Play About Real People

The stories are told with astonishing simplicity - just actors giving voice to the images: men waking at dawn to stand in line at the unemployment office, homeless’ life in the “jungle”, located beside the railroad, a young man walking from Saskatchewan to Regina to find work, only to return a month later with a stick of cheese and a slice of bread. These are typical of the stories conveying the epic struggle of ordinary Canadians caught up in such a large event, and the courage, incredible humour, and stoicism of the men and women who lived through this catastrophic period.

Acting in 10 Lost Years, Yvette Dudley Neuman comments, “This play has touched my heart. You fall in love with these characters, then when we do the show, people from the audience come and share their own stories. That connection of the human spirit is amazing, and when I see the effect of talking to the audience, that's my reward.”

About 32 years ago, Vancouver stage director, Swan, began the creation of 10 Lost Years and hundreds of performances later, Swan admits he is still incredibly moved by the extraordinary

strength of the human spirit. Sitting in the audience, you forget you are watching actors on the stage and are transported to another time.

“And be ready to laugh, hard!” adds Swan, “One way that we Canadians survive is with a sense of humour.” -more-


Powerful Songs Throughout

Interspersed with the stories are the songs by Angela Gann. They are reminiscent of the era, very moving, and carrying the spirit of the times.



You won’t want to miss this riveting experience, purchase tickets today for Ten Lost Years through the new Centre Box Office at 604-391-SHOW(7469).



About The Book

Hundreds of ordinary Canadians told their stories to Barry Broadfoot for his book "Ten Lost Years", published in 1973. He used their own words, and the impact was astonishing. As page after page of unforgettable stories unfolds, it is easy to see why this book sold 300,000 copies and why an earlier stage play, based on it, ran for years in Toronto. The stories, and the 52 accompanying photographs, tell of an extraordinary period in our recent past. Broadfoot didn't identify his subjects by name, and wove each thematic chapter together out of carefully chosen excerpts from his many interviews, perhaps 30 per chapter.

"Ten Lost Years is among the most powerful books anyone has written about Canadian history.” - Christopher Moore, historian.

About Barry Broadfoot

Born in 1926, he himself was a child of the Depression. In 1972 he chucked his daily job with the Vancouver Sun: "I said, the hell with it," Broadfoot told the Sun, "I put 17 years of inter-office memos into a shoebox, liberated the typewriter and walked out." In his old Volkswagen he travelled the country with his tape recorder. Ten Lost Years went on to sell over 300,000 copies.

Other books followed, including The Pioneer Years, The Veterans' Years, Next Year Country (about the Prairies), The Immigrant Years and a book about the Japanese internment during World War II, Years Of Sorrow, Years Of Shame. His readers responded, making his books into huge best-sellers.

Broadfoot was the recipient of numerous awards and honours including the Order of Canada, an honorary degree from the University of Manitoba, and the B.C. Lifetime Achievement Award. He suffered a stroke in 1998, which blinded him and impaired his memory, and he died in 2003.


About Seacoast Productions

Seacoast Theatre Centre’s (STC) highly acclaimed production of Ten Lost Years is playing to sold-out houses throughout Western Canada. Using the same theatrical techniques, STC has created Pioneer Years 1895-1914. Our purpose is to honour the pioneers who opened the Canadian West and to tell their extraordinary stories to a new generation of Canadians who deserve to hear them. Pioneer Years expounds the diverse voices of aboriginal, immigrant and first generation Canadians (Ukrainian, German, Scottish, English, Jewish, and American) who survived the hardships of opening the Canadian West.

Single tickets are now on sale for 10 Lost Years through the new Centre Box Office. Contact the Centre Box Office in person, by phone at 604.391.SHOW (7469), or online at Tickets: $30 Adults - $27 Senior - $25 Students, Members receive an additional $1 off per ticket.

Grand Opening Week

The Trollsons Sunday September 19, 2010

Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra & Chorus Monday, September 20, 2010

10 Lost Years Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lucky 9 Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kokoma Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gala Opening Show at the Chilliwack Art Gallery Friday, September 24, 2010

Red Carpet Affair Gala Opening Saturday, September 25, 2010

Series subscriptions are also available and offer discounts up to 35%! Members will receive an additional $1 off each ticket.

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