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Myth Money

What is the Super Annuity Fund and why aren't cops and vets getting it?

By John Labelle, Super Annuity Campaign Coordinator Nova Scotia


ow two years into your mandate very few of your promises to veterans issues have been resolved in favour of the living veterans and their families. Our Military/RCMP Veterans CPP clawback issue has been passed from one department to another and studied to death. Considering all the information available to you and the fact that you and the Liberal party have voted yes on all our Bills, when will you take action to solve this issue at no cost to the tax payers?

The facts are that the Government of Canada has broken our enrolment contract without prior member consultation or authorization. During our enrolment contract we were promised that we would benefit of a full pension calculated at 2% of our best 6 years for a period of 25 years of service. They were all prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice for their country Canada.

Veterans maintain that their contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and the Canadian Forces Superannuation (CFSA) are not merged. The contributions continue to be listed separately on their pay guide, therefore their benefits cannot be merged. It has created a sense of false retirement security.

The CPP plan reform will boost the assets above $15 trillion dollars by 2090 and the government continues with its clawback policy.

The phrase " bridge benefits" is a misrepresentation of facts! It is not listed in the Pension Act and/or the Base Financial Counselorís Manual A-FN-109-001/ID-001. The manual was not made available to serving personnel. The "bridge benefit" term is a myth that was never heard of prior to the establishment of our Annuity campaign.
In the early 1960, Mr. Conrad Black owned a number of IGA grocery stores in the Westmount, Montreal area, PQ. He depleted 5 million dollars from the employees pension plan to invest in his IGA grocery chain stores. 5 years later the Supreme Court of Canada made him pay back the pension money with interest. At a later date, The Supreme Court of Canada denied the return of $28 billion removed from the Military/RCMP and several Public Union pension accounts.


When did the law change?

During the 6-and-5 price and wage control years, the Government of Canada took a contribution holiday to our Service Pension accounts and never paid it back. Industries pension plans benefits are negotiated Forces personnel, benefits are not.

Military/RCMP Personnel are a different Government provider. Often faced with the lost of Spouse income/employment opportunities, as a result of numerous operational moves, leading to the loss of Spouse CPP benefits. Constant moves that affects the ability and opportunities to purchase a home and be mortgage-free during a career.

Veterans served far abroad on numerous 24/7 missions, 16 hour days without overtime compensation.

Why were Senators, Members of Parliament and Judge Advocates exempted the CPP clawback issue to their pension at age 65 and not veterans?

Over 112,500 veterans have signed our petition that included the support of 121 former Colonels with 54 former Officers of the rank of Generals and/or former RCMP Superintendents.

The Dominion Command of the Royal Canadian Legion support our Veterans CPP issue. Many other Veterans organizations have adopted resolutions in full support of our Campaign.

As of March 31, 2013, the net assets held on behalf of the Canadian Forces pension account indicated that the Veterans Annuity Olan totalled $62.108 billion dollars. More than sufficient funds are available to terminate the CPP benefit reduction program!

Prime Minister Trudeau on November 11 Canada remembers our falling Comrades, when can living Veterans expect you to take action to fix their Military/RCMP Veterans CPP clawback that affects the welfare of veterans and their families in their golden years. The Liberal Party has voted yes on all our bills presented in the House of Common.

Sir, veterans and their families have paid their dues. They deserve a timely reply from you. Your reply will be distributed. Thank you for your consideration.


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