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Holy Trolling

By C Hill/ Barry Neufeld website photo -  Edited


s Barry Neufeld, School District 33 (SD33) board trustee, the Donald Trump of Chilliwack?


On Wednesday, Board chairman, Paul McManus, issued a statement regarding some disparaging remarks Neufeld apparently made in social media regarding teaching kids about sexuality and transgender and telling them it's good to explore their sexuality.


"In October 2016, the Board of Education approved changes to its 'Safe School' policy ensuring that the legislative requirements with reference to the BC Charter of Human Rights and Freedom and BC Human Rights Code are followed, so that all students are supported in their learning environments, free of bullying," wrote McManus.


SD33 is neutral and just towing the line as they're supposed to do.


It's a lot like being slam dunked into sexuality like basketball in the gym and required reading for kids who are still licking lollipops? They could at least wait until they're in grade four.


If Neufeld is out to lunch then he joins millions of others far worse. We're talking about dumb people with bumper sticker mentalities.


Using social media as a venue to air thoughts is not unusual. Some have a proclivity to post about things of a sexual nature. Others post about anti-abortion.


Let's face it, being hammered by words is a lot different than a fist in the face.


Keeping in mind the Fifth Amendment, Neufeld is exercising his right, through his faith, to free speech. Nazi prisoners didn't have free speech.


The lefties decided to make it an issue out of it only because Neufeld is a school trustee and that somehow his belief system is going to affect his ability to be a great trustee like he's been for more than two decades. It's not like his faith has been hidden and then one day it suddenly cropped up. The bigger they are the harder they fall? The first question I would have when discussing the issue is: are the people going after Neufeld narcissistic sociopaths?


He's simply posting thoughts in a morass with trolls watching every stroke of his keys. It's his right to talk about about the illusive moral compass that piggybacks on the leftie's shoulders who seem to be salivating like hungry wolves here.


Lets get real for a minute. The left is going a little bit too far on this one.


If people haven't noticed, that's all social media is about airing opinions. Thoughts, beliefs, feelings, ideas etc. Far too much stock is put into sabre-rattling social media people who should wake up and smell their own napalm. Society has taken these venues far too seriously. Neufeld would say the same things in person and in writing to media for broadcasting in his network. Would a leftie be calling for his blood and screaming to his face about his opinions versus theirs? That's how they come across on social media.


One day they'll realize how they've been overdoing it on Social Media. "This is me standing there smiling next to my eggs and toast." Social Media companies care little as long as people are the products in the land of advertising. Some users express in their mundane chatter that somehow they'll be affected by what someone posts about them. It's letters on the screen. A fly in their verbal mush.


Again, he wasn't forcing hate speech on anyone. He was writing about his thoughts and beliefs and echoing how many in the community feel about it. There are some important questions here and it's incumbent on Neufeld to present the right side's opinion. He's having the shit kicked out of him in the midst of having his life fall apart at the seams, and the community is still kicking when he least needs it. Everyone's got an opinion even those bitching about his.

Let's keep in touch here. The reality is FB is no country, no nation, that dictates anything but pixels. Instead of FB being a tool to bring us all together, it has the opposite effect and throws all these walls up. And you tell me what's so social about social media?

There are no perfect people. The saint has devoted over 25 years on the school board, that's with a lower case "b" and it all comes up now?

How can they ruin a person's life over a few crummy pixels on the screen?

Give me a break.


There's a drug overdose crisis happening alright and its a drug called social media.


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