Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017


My Say

Permissive not Prejudice

Bullying can stop anytime

By Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Author


olerance and friendship with people whose values are different should be taught and modeled beginning in preschool. Curiosity and touching should be avoided.


Grade 4 is rather early to teach about sexuality and homosexuality. Definitely they should not start to explore whether they are homosexual so soon.


 I agree with Trustee Neufeld on this. You (editor) are being rather wordy in condemning him and talking about right and left. I am neither right nor left and I suggest that this experienced school trustee isn’t either.

If a child has both male and female sex organs, kindly acceptance and teaching about how to keep their privacy with dignity are important, so that other children will not say cruel things to them. If that starts happening, then the whole class needs special counseling.

I believe in freedom of religion and conscience. I am tolerant of allowing abortion but not of forcing abortion on anyone and not of forcing doctors to perform abortion, if it is against their conscience. Young people who have a pregnancy should be counseled by non-biased people to understand the kinds of long lasting pain resulting from having an abortion, as well as the kinds of pain and expense suffered from keeping the child as a single mom, or as a couple. They need to find out how to access supports in high school and in their church. There are people in most churches who are more helpful than skeptics realize. In some cases they are helpful more long-term than government and private agencies are. Believe me. In my long life I have been in many denominations across Canada and overseas, and know them to be very caring.

I agree to hiring homosexuals who have a permanent relationship without promiscuity or a series relationships. If a few ministers are willing to perform a sacred marriage I agree to their freedom to do so, but I would rather it was only a civil marriage.

•  I agree to allowing a homosexual to be an active church member and even a minister, but only if he/she is not promiscuous.

•  In Pakistan the Canadian Presbyterian Public Health Doctor I worked with was probably homosexual, but happy living a single life. After leading the Under Fives program in Pakistan for several years he worked on public health on Baffin Island for some years. Then he worked 16 years setting up an outstanding AIDS prevention and treatment program in Kenya.

•  I don’t know whether Premier Wynn of Ontario has a partner, but she does seem to be a good politician. In other words there are mature homosexuals who are successful citizens.


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