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Is the SOGI Inclusivity program a good idea for schools? Some don't think so and here's why
By Sandy Devenney, Abbotsford


ithout input from professionals and without parents’ permission the schools’ are introducing an “Anti-Bulling Program” into every grade and every subject in school.


This program is not part of the BC curriculum but SOGI is promoting it like it is. The pro sex activist creators are introducing kindergarten children to the concept of sexual fluidity. Everyone is encouraged to experience what it’s like to wonder what sex they are and where they came from. 

Can this possibly be good or helpful for anyone? It is sort of like saying in order to stop the obese child from being bullied the cafeteria should provide donuts to every child for lunch. To stop bullying of the child with turrets, we should have everyone learn three new swear words a day. To stop the child who is bullied because someone saw her pick her nose, the school should have a demonstration on an assembly day, on how to pick your nose. 

The SOGI program suggests they can prevent one aspect of bullying by taking all gender words out of our children’s vocabulary. Words like “Mom”. “Dad”, “he”, “she”, “boy” and “girl” will be verboten in the school. Plus, they suggest to 5-yr-olds that they can choose whatever sex they want to be; much like choosing an avatar from their favorite video game. This is emotional abuse. Something the child may never be able to recover from during their life time. 

Anti-bullying is about teaching & demonstrating, understanding, acceptance and kindness, not about encouraging all children to literally experience the world of the bullied. In fact that is taking inclusive all the way from illogical to abusive to a danger to our whole society.



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