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Not Just Your Ordinary Zombie Movie

Hometown Chilliwack woman, Nikki Wallin, bursts onto the international scene as an award-winning screenwriter

Submitted by Ed Collins/Website photos


Nikki Wallin, writer and actor, co-stars in "Peelers." Her "Rebuild" production company are reaching out to Chilliwack on Kickstarter campaign. Below, Wallin and her supportive husband Ed Collins who is also working on the project.

he setting is a post-apocalyptic wasteland that is frozen in the 90s. We follow our hero Flint, a human survivor, and her partner Brent who are scavenging in a ghost town for food and supplies. They are ambushed by Screechers (zombies) and have to fight for their lives. They are cornered, facing their impending deaths, when suddenly the unexpected happens...

"As cliche as it sounds, "Rebuild" came to me in a dream. When I woke up, the idea stayed in my head. I began writing and the idea poured volumes onto the pages. That is when I realized how unique and powerful this story is," says former Chilliwack resident Nikki Wallin, on her website.

The script began to get traction and top-notch production people attached themselves to the project.

"Everyone who has read Rebuild has been affected by it. It is because of the power of the story that we have attracted such a hugely talented team who are willing to donate their time, efforts, skills and work to realize this project," says Wallin. "Rebuild is a passion project. We will work tirelessly until it is made and the whole world can see, hear and feel the story of Rebuild. We can't stop and won't stop until Rebuild is made."

For more information about Nikki Wallin. the movie, production team and the Kickstarter campaign, visit rebuildmovie.com

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