Monday, Oct 16, 2017 


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Five Easy Pieces

City announces plans for Chilliwack's busiest corner
By Staff/Craven Houston Powers Architect/City images


Craven Houston Powers' artist rendition of Five Corners development.


n Tuesday, council is expected to rubber stamp the Five Corners "Comprehensive Development-27" project.


The has City released artist renditions of Craven Huston Powers Architects proposed plans to develop the four-acre south east sector of Five Corners where numerous Yale Rd. businesses, the niche park and parking lot currently are located.


At the last City Hall meeting, councillors gave the nod to a $5000.00 mural consisting of a hodgepodge of symbolic items to be painted on the gray brick wall.


According to the City the land will be used for retail units with apartment units located above, along Young and Yale Roads, and townhouse development fronting onto Princess Ave.


Five corners overhead image.


Parking will be an issue.


City documents indicate the densification won't be car-friendly and will rely heavily on residents taking the bus and riding bicycles, walking and car-sharing.


According to Craven Huston, the townhouses will have private parking. But it's unclear where business customers will park vehicles and delivery trucks unload.


"The proposed parking standards are lower than what is typically required for similar development..." said the report.


The City calls Five Corners the "heart of Chilliwack" and have ambitions to "create an iconic legacy-style neighbourhood that recaptures the past while creating a bold new vision for the future."



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