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The next best thing to winning is reading about the winners



One happy camper!

've been playing THE BIG SPIN since the game launched. It's my favourite INSTANT game because it's so cool that you can win but not know what your prize is until you spin the wheel!" shared Justin. "I've been watching other top prize winners take their big spin on the Ontario Lottery Facebook page. I'm always so pumped for the prize amount to be revealed and super excited for the winner. And now it happened to me I just can't believe it!"

Justin admitted that he was nervous but also excited before his big moment. "I couldn't eat and couldn't sleep. But now I'm stoked to spend my windfall!"
Putting down some roots is Justin's first priority. "I will buy a big piece of land in Northern Ontario. I love the outdoors I'm a country guy at heart. Plus I love animals and would like to see part of my land being used as a sanctuary."

The 27-year-old also plans to have some fun. "I have two 25 year old SUVs that need to be fixed up. I'll restore one of them and use the other for mud-bogging that's a type of off-road race through a pit of mud," Justin explained.
Taking care of the women in his life is also top of mind. "My mom needs a new car and my grandma has never had the chance to travel I'd love to send her to Hawaii," shared Justin. "And my girlfriend, Jenn I would love to take her on a vacation. She'd be happy with Cuba but I'm thinking somewhere more exotic like Bora Bora!"

"First things first though I'm going shopping for a sick pair of Jordans!" laughed Justin

"Winning the lottery is a much needed jump start. It offers a great sense of security. I can plan for the future and spoil the people I love too," he concluded.
THE BIG SPIN INSTANT game is an exciting new $5 game that combines popular scratch play with prizes revealed in-store by an animated spinning wheel on the lottery terminal screen and potentially, an in-person spin on THE BIG SPIN Wheel at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

THE BIG SPIN INSTANT game has three fun ways to win:
SCRATCH To win an instant cash prize of $5 to $100,000 or a SPIN prize.

WATCH If the prize won is SPIN, visit any OLG retail location to validate the ticket and watch the animated wheel spin on the lottery terminal screen. Every "SPIN" is a guaranteed win! SPIN prizes range from $10 to $10,000 or a BIG SPIN.

SPIN If the animated wheel stops on "BIG SPIN," the prize won is an actual spin on THE BIG SPIN Wheel at the OLG Prize Centre for a guaranteed prize of $100,000 to $500,000!

The winning ticket was Smart Stop Convenience on Chalmers Street in Cambridge.

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