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Sometimes a Great Notion

Victory Church and Central Elementary School a perfect fit

By Staff/Voice photos


Pastor Morris Waston gives a sermon at Chilliwack Victory Church Sunday, October 1, 2017.


t's another run-of the-mill day at Central Elementary school. If the kids have mobility, they're cut loose from class for a few minutes, and run around screaming like maniacs wreaking havoc on the monkey bars. Just a plain old ordinary kid with super powers.

On days when it's raining buckets they go for the gym. They have that cool cubby hole for school gear, backpacks, gym sneakers. You remember when you were a kid there was no getting in the gym without the obligatory runners.


So teachers try to make sure the kids lace up before heading hair-straight-back in. Normal. Expected.


But what's not expected is that some kids don't have anything to lace upóbecause they don't have shoes. Rather than deny the kids the gym, they're let in barefooted. No socks for safety and no street shoes or gumbo boots.


That's the way it is at Central Elementary.

Chilliwack Victory Church at Henderson and College always welcomes residents to visit Sunday mornings at 10:30. Below, Central Elementary principal Leslie Waddington  was on had to receive the shoes and thank the church congregation for the achievement.


Across the street from the school is Chilliwack Victory Church. Pastor Morris Watson, and his wife Lucinda, hold weekly prayer services with wonderful sermons, music, fellowshipping, community dinners, fundraising events. There's Sunday School classes.


Like every church, they're an asset to the neighbourhood. One of Morris' agenda items is to pass on good news to the congregation, who in turn pass that to the community. A haven to escape the crushing bad news flying in at them from every direction on a daily basis.


Every once in awhile, when they can, the congregation does something to make a difference in the community.


"One day I was thinking about how our congregation could help the school, so I asked school vice principal if there was anything the church could do for the school and they said they didn't need anything, except some of the kids didn't have shoes for the gym," explained Morris.



Light bulbs turned on for Morris and he immediately set out to rectify the situation and began what he calls "Shoe93" with the objective of providing every kid with a pair of new runners.


The Victory Church congregation got to work. As runners trickled in, so too did the pile get larger and before long the stack of neatly placed shoe boxes was 6 feet high.



"We did better than expected and ended up with 150 pairs," said Morris, thanking the congregation for their generosity. "Payless and Sears were a huge help by reducing the prices as well."


School principal Leslie Waddington was on hand to accept the stack of shoes expressing her gratitude on behalf of the school and kids.



For more information about Chilliwack Victory Church, visit and noperfectpeople.co


Chilliwack Victory Church is located at 45899 Henderson Ave.

604 392 9159

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