Thursday, November 7, 2013


Campaign of Confusion

Washington State votes down GMO label law

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Genetically modified (GM) cow corn was growing in the eastern Chilliwack this past summer.


f you're going to be against something or for it, you need to have the correct information.


Yesterday, Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) labeling on food was rejected by our neighbours in Washington. Some blame this on voter confusion caused by an $11 million Monsanto campaign which told people things like the labeling will jack up the cost of food.


Food Matters president Peter Whitlock told the Voice in an e-mail Wednesday evening that the jury is out on when it comes to GMO corn.


"I was told corn was always a GMO plant as corn has no known plant ancestors," said Whitlock. "It just appeared some thousands of years ago and the origins are still unknown."


"There is something very wrong when even without GMO we have decreased the nutrition levels of our food hugely when we really need to be increasing the levels to make better use of scarce land to grow food on," he said.


Whitlock suggests that perhaps there could be a system of nutrition labeling for fruits and vegetables.

"There needs to be some political will to reverse this trend one way or the other." he expained. "The only thing that seems to move political will is education and the problem with that is who to believe, and the Washington experience is a perfect example."




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