Feature Story                                                                                                Friday, November 15, 2013


Vedder Canal Chaos

Chain reaction accident involves 15 vehicles on the Trans Canada

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Emergency crews manage the chaotic scene after a 15-vehicle pile-up on the Vedder Canal Bridge just west of Chilliwack early Friday.


round 7 a.m. on Friday, just as the morning commute was starting to build on the Trans Canada, something happened at the Vedder Canal Bridge that led to a 15-vehicle collision that included a Greyhound bus.


Five minutes before the accident, there was a report of smoke coming from under the bridge, and while emergency crews were moving to respond to that call, another one came in about a multi-vehicle collision that took place on the bridge deck.


Upon arrival, emergency crews were met with an apocalyptic trail of twisted metal and shattered glass hundreds of feet long. Some drivers and passengers were able to scramble from their vehicles while others remain trapped.


A Greyhound bus at the front end of the accident had a smashed door that also caused people to be trapped. An RCMP officer crawled into the bus through the bent door frame to check on the condition of passengers inside. They were later shuttled by Handi-Dart to another bus.


An RCMP officer crawls into the Greyhound bus through its damaged door.


Afterward, someone on the bridge pointed out that there was still smoke wafting out from under it. The cause of the smoke is unknown.


Eastbound lanes were closed and a Medi-vac chopper was brought in to airlift at least one person to hospital.


Thankfully, there were no reports of casualties, however an undetermined number were injured and taken to hospital for treatment.


Watch here for more details as they emerge regarding the number of people injured. A total of 15 vehicles had significant damage and a couple of others had some minor dents.


We'll let you know more details once they become available to us.


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