Sunday, November 10, 2013

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Throne speech angers veterans

Submitted by Claude LaTulippe, Chilliwack, for LGen Louis Cuppens (ret'd)

aving watched and read the throne speech given by the Queen’s representative, I remain appalled at the misinformation given to Canadians about Canada’s commitments to veterans. 


To have the Queen’s representative state that the government provides a dignified funeral to veterans is a falsehood, in part!

What I think they meant to say is that the programme that extends to veterans of WW2 and Korea, who are financially challenged at the time of death, a dignified funeral, continues. The statement in the throne speech that is not filled with facts misleads Canadians!

With few exceptions, Modern Day Veterans (those who served since the Korean War) remain ineligible for the federal government programme. The source of funds to bury these veterans who are financially challenged at time of death is charity—not government and not what the throne speech states. Readers will know that charity has enabled 23 veterans to be buried at a cost of $90,000.00, not the federal government! Why, when the throne speech says otherwise?

How will you remember as the remembrance period approaches? Will you recall the false statement in the throne speech or will you recall government’s failure to support veterans? I will salute all who have served Canada, and with profound shame, I will recall how the government has failed to support despite pleas from all veterans groups for more than a decade. Please donate to the Last Post Fund to fulfill a government, and  nation’s promise—that we support veterans?


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