Sunday, November 24, 2013

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E-ribbon Cutting

Studiothink launches bright and shiny new website

Released by Sherry Jacobi, StudioThink



oes a new website really deserve a celebration? The team at Studiothink thinks so. In fact, the team decided that an official ribbon cutting was in orderówith flair!


They planned a ribbon cutting party with a vintage carnival theme, and the launch appropriately coincided with the Surrey branding agencies entry into their 17th year of business.


The new site was no small feat, as our Creative Director, Sherry Jacobi pushed the team to the limits of what could be done in the allocated time.


The new site is fully redesigned, delivers over 100 pages of new content and images, an expanded portfolio, is fully content manageable, optimized for search engines, and built to be responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop views. In order to complete all the work in time, while still keeping all of our projects on the go, we enlisted the help of Pencilneck for a portion of the backend coding, Riverbed Marketing for search engine optimization, and Michael Douglas Photography for photography needs. They worked closely with our internal team to deliver what was needed.


Along with the new website, we also updated our brand. This includes a slight colour change on our materials, a new tagline, updated email newsletter, email signatures and social media backgrounds.




So why the change, you might ask? It's simple really, brands should be ever-evolving, and our own is no different. As our company grew and expanded, we wanted our brand to grow and expand to reflect our new goals and objectives. We also wanted a site that reflected changes in web technologies and advancements, largely because web design is one of our core services.


"Website technology is constantly changing," commented Sherry Jacobi, Creative Director at Studiothink. ďScreen sizes, updated browsers, Google, and mobile devices all impact how a website is designed and built. We are continually adjusting to ensure our websites are optimized for current  technology."


Websites have come a long ways in the past two decades and, with 17 years behind them, owners Sherry Jacobi and Chandra Blouin have been part of the ever changing landscape of online technology. When they opened their doors 17 years ago, web design accounted for virtually none of their business, as the internet was still in it's infancy. Today, web design and development accounts for 50% of their annual revenue, and the owners anticipate that digital branding will only continue to rise. 


The company started as a simple partnership between Shery and Chandra who met completely by accident. Sherry had a thriving career in the design industry, achieving success downtown Vancouver as a magazine art director. Chandra had an equally successful career, starting her own marketing company after a stint in a large corporate marketing department. 


Today, the partnership continues, and Studiothink has grown into one of the largest agencies in the area, and continues to expand. Plus, Studiothink is, and always has been, one of the few agencies in Canada that is owned by women. When asked how theyíve done it, all these years, bad days, good days, successes and failuresóChandra and Sherry have only one answeróred wine. We're sure that a number of celebratory glasses were shared at the website launch party, just in time to celebrate the company's 17th year anniversary.


To see the new website, and learn more about Studiothink, visit




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