Sunday, November 10, 2013



Common Sense or Nonsense

School Board pot stance does more harm than good

Submitted by former school principal, Richard Harrington, Chilliwack

support school trustee Barry Neufeld and his opposition to this policy.

It is obvious that the majority of the school board knows little about how some Secondary students think and about some of their personal issues that affect their behaviours.


I was a teacher and high school principal for thirty-five years in areas such as the "high Arctic", where alcohol and drug abuse is a much more serious problem than it is here in Chilliwack.


We often dealt with daily issues from students who came to school stoned or drunk. We didn't kick them out; we dealt with the issue by providing personal counselling and aid in the total life of the student. Our drop-out rate gradually went from seventy-five per cent to less that twenty per cent.

This "Zero Tolerance" approach that the school board adheres to is, as Barry says, an "Archaic" approach that does nothing to correct the underlying problem for the students affected.

Barry is quite correct when he says, " The whole family system and social support network needs to change."

It is up to the school board to take a much more corrective and healing approach than they seem to be doing so at the moment.

By the way, I am not running for the school board now, or in 2014.



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