Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A Grinch-free Holiday Season

Mounties ask shoppers to take precautions

Released by Cpl. Len vanNieuwenhuizen, RCMP UFVRD


s the community wraps itself in the Christmas spirit and begins the traditional seasonal shopping the Police wish to ensure that your gifts remain safe and secure for delivery on the 25th.


This time of year always sees an increase of thefts from vehicles. As parcels and bags are left in plain view and in insecure vehicles.

To ensure that your parcels are not robbed by Grinches some safety tips are as follows;

Please stow your parcels out of plain view in the trunk of your car.

Make sure that your vehicle is secured and locked.

Park in a well lit and public area where you can be seen.

• If possible avoid making big purchases and leaving them in your vehicle all day. 

Avoid overloading yourself carrying purchases to your vehicle. Ensure that you have a free hand to unlock your door and that you do not leave yourself vulnerable to a purse or gift snatching.  

When making your purchases take precautions with your debit and credit card transactions. Keep your Pin and access codes private and manipulate the cards yourself when making purchases.

Christmas shopping can be an exciting and exhausting time. Take the time to relax and keep your purchases in order, safe, and secure. Don’t “Shop 'til you Drop”.  

The spirit of Christmas is in the giving. More importantly it is in the time we share with family and friends!  



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