Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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A Slippery Suspect

Chilliwack RCMP arrest man wanted in Delta

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A man known to local police is arrested on a warrant on Woodbine St. Tuesday.


hatcha gonna do when they come for you? One man wanted by the RCMP decided that he was going to try and give them the slip by hiding in an attic.

Just after noon on Tuesday, Mounties showed up at a four-plex in the 9200 block of Woodbine St. to arrest a man wanted by the Delta RCMP.

In an attempt to avoid them, the man scampered up into the rafters and had to be ferreted out the hard way.

According to Chilliwack RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Len vanNieuwenhuizen, the individual was known to them and has tried to avoid arrest in the past.

Police surrounded the complex and called the City of Chilliwack Fire Department for a ladder. They weren't taking any chances with this guy and brought in a pair of Police Dog Services K9 Units just in case the fugitive somehow managed to give them the slip.

Within a few minutes the man was led out of a unit, placed into a police cruiser, and then taken away.

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