Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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Pet Dragons

Popular TV show denizens invest in local pet search company

Submitted by Alesha MacLellan, Surrey

David Chilton and Alesha MacLellan from Petsearchers demonstrate their ability to track with their pair of bloodhounds.


urrey based Pet Detectives, Al and Alesha MacLellan from Petsearchers Canada recently appeared on CBCís Dragonsí Den and walked out of the Den with a deal!


David Chilton, author of the acclaimed "The Wealthy Barber" and "The Wealthy Barber Returns" books, as well as public speaker and investor, offered Al MacLellan a $60,000 investment in the new but thriving pet detective agency.

Following the show, David Chilton, Al and Alesha from Petsearchers worked through a grueling due diligence process and were able to successfully complete and CLOSE a deal from the Den!

With Davidís financial backing and business expertise, Petsearchers Canada is poised to expand quickly across Canada through their partnership program, offering a wide range of services including bloodhound tracking, aerial searches, live trapping, thermal-imagining technology and infrared night-vision surveillance equipment to help pets get home safely with their families Canada wide.

Also planned for expansion Canada-wide is the wildly successful social media program ("Missing Pets In B.C." Facebook page) that has been instrumental in getting hundreds more pets home safely across BC in the past year.

For more information about Petsearchers Canada, visit www.petsearcherscanada.com





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