Friday, November 29, 2013


Veterans News

Last Post Fund Needs Work

Strahl loses credibility with print media musings

Released by Asst. Fire Chief James MacDonald


can't believe that Mark Strahl would lie to veterans and his constituents. Is this guy for real?


In his letter to the Editor of the Progress, 28 November 2013, Mr. Strahl attacks the Liberals for the Conservatives' lack of action in dealing with the plight of veterans, typical Conservative strategy...mislead the public with verbal diarrhea.


It's a proven fact that the Conservatives are ignoring veterans.


He mentions how the Conservatives have improved the Last Post Fund. He and his Conservative cohorts all voted against Private Member's Motion no 422 in April 2013; a motion to revise the Last Post Fund's antiquated policies. Mr. Strahl should explain to my friend—a resident of Chilliwack—whose deceased husband, a decorated WWII veteran, doesn't qualify for a military grave marker.

Mr. Strahl, please refer to the Online Poll conducted by The Progress whereby 86% of the respondents stated that the Conservatives were not doing enough to help veterans in need, especially veterans that have to rely on the New Veterans Charter (NVC) to deal with their problems.

Thank you Mr. Strahl. In this last letter, you have confirmed your lack of credibility when dealing with veteran's issues.

Come election time, VETERANS WILL REMEMBER.



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