Tuesday, November 12, 2013


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Liberals Buy Obama's Software

Chilliwack Liberals meet Nov 13 

Released by Jan Polderman, Pres. Chwk-Hope FC Liberal Riding Assoc./Voice 2012 file photo Justin Trudeau


ne of the key items for discussion will be to prepare folks for this weekends training session on Liberalist.   


Liberalist is the software program purchased by the Liberal Party from the successful 2008 Obama campaign in the US.

Liberalist is a powerful modern asset for the Liberal Party-one that offers insight into modern campaign techniques-optimizing time and precious resource allocation during campaigns.

The Conservative Party has just wasted millions of dollars scrapping their new database, one that was aimed at matching Liberalist.

The Chilliwack Hope Fraser Canyon riding association has already collected and populated thousands of data points into Liberalist. We're going to be ready with a powerful, sophisticated tool to use in the election campaign to unseat Mark Strahl-one that could be held in less than 18 months from now!

We need you to become part of our new team of Liberalist volunteers in Chilliwack-Hope-Fraser Canyon! Liberalist will be the core tool for telephone, mailing, and door-to-door efforts in the next election. It is straightforward and fun to use!

Please join us- find out now how modern information technogy and old fashioned gumshoe canvassing can be combined to take back your Canada and make a difference in your neighbourhood!

The Chilliwack Hope Fraser Canyon Liberal riding association meeting takes place Wednesday, November 13th at 7:00 PM at 44955 Yale Road West in Chilliwack.

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