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Learn about GMO food and the Gene Revolution from Dr. Thierry Vrain November 30

Submitted by Wendy Bales, FVRD Dir Area C


o you have questions or concerns regarding genetically engineered (GE) foods and human health?


If so, this fall and winter, the Society for a GE Free BC and Greenpeace Vancouver Local Group are excited to announce a national speaker’s tour addressing this issue.


Scheduled to run from November 2013 to February 2014, the GE Foods and Human Health: A Canadian Speaker’s Tour seeks to provide the Canadian public with an opportunity to discuss their concerns around GE foods from a scientific and regulatory perspective.


The tour will feature a presentation by Dr. Thierry Vrain, a retired soil biologist and genetic engineer who, after a 30-year career with Agriculture Canada, no longer supports GE technology. Alarmed by the avalanche of scientific studies out of Europe raising many concerns about the long-term safety of GE foods, including the allergenic potential of GE plants containing rogue proteins and organ damage in rats fed GE foods over a few months, Dr. Vrain is intent on increasing public awareness about this growing issue and having the federal agencies in the US and Canada take notice.


Presentation Content

 Dr. Thierry Vrain’s presentation, The Gene Revolution will:


• explain what genetic engineering is, how it began, and how it has progressed. This will be facilitated through a slide presentation, citing the latest scientific studies;

define the documented effects of GE foods and how that relates to human health; and

discuss what the future holds for us if GE foods are not stopped.


Presentation Outline and Length: 1.5 hours

• Introduction - 15 minutes

• Dr. Thierry Vrain - 30-40 minutes


Question and answer period



The Harrison Mills Hall, 1995 School Rd., Harrison Mills (between Mission and Agassiz just off the #7 HWY.)

7 pm, Saturday November 30th Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Talk and forum By Donation. Coffee and tea available, to save dishes BYO cup.

For info:  Wendy Bales # 604-302-8740 or e-mail Wendy here.






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