Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fire Dept News

Down a Dark Chimney

Firefighters douse blaze creeping into wall of Hazel Street home

Released by Asst Fire Chief Jeff Ullyot


A Chilliwack firefighter lifts the lid on a chimney as the blaze travels into the wall of a Hazen St. home on Tuesday. Below, BC Ambulance Service paramedics attend to the homeowner.


he City of Chilliwack Fire Department attended to a structure fire in the 8800 block of Hazel Street on Tuesday, November 13th at approximately 4 p.m.


Upon arrival of firefighters, pressurized smoke was coming out of the attic space and chimney of the 2000 square foot, B.C. box style home.


The owner of the property was inside trying to put out a fire that had originated in the fireplace and had moved into the ceiling area above the living room.  


Firefighters stripped the interior fireplace wall to expose a working fire and quickly extinguished it before the fire had gained hold in the attic.


Damage to house is limited to the immediate area around the fireplace. Firefighters were able to ventilate any smoke out of the building.    


The victim was removed safely from the house and was cared for by BC Ambulance Services for anxiety. Emergency Social Services was called in to provide temporary accommodation.   


There were no firefighter injuries.


The cause of the fire is uncertain at this time, but it appears that debris burning in the fireplace led to an intense chimney fire. Chilliwack Fire Department will be investigating.



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