Sunday, November 24, 2013


Psychic Company

Krawczyk takes an introspective look at her life in new book

Released by Betty Krawczyk


n 2006 two women, Harriet Nahanee and Betty Krawczyk, were sent to prison for trying to prevent the destruction of Eagleridge Bluffs in Vancouver, BC.


Nahanee caught pneumonia while imprisoned and died shortly after release. Before she died, Nahanee gave Krawczyk a handwritten copy of a truncated version of the Stockholm syndrome.


Krawczyk began to relate Nahanee’s version of the Stockholm syndrome to the status of women globally.


To clarify the dichotomies of her awakening consciousness Krawczyk has given flesh and voice to her two inner psychic companions, Blue Belle and Bitch.


Both Blue Belle and Bitch fight fiercely for their own position which gives Krawczyk much grief and forces her to choose…safety, or an expanding consciousness? Either Blue Belle or Bitch must die.


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