Friday November 12, 2010

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Walmart megastore opens to mega crowds at Eagle Landing

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Crowds anticipate opening of Walmart Friday morning at Eagle Landing.

he largest Walmart in BC threw open it's doors this morning at Eagle Landing in Chilliwack. People started lining up as early as 4:30am and waited patiently for the store to open. By the time the doors were open, about two-hundred had gathered out front with some pushing the store's brand new buggies.

Most arrived in the wee hours in order to stake their spot in line.

Nicholas Brown, owner of Sardis Bakery was there at 5:30am and the first to go through the doors with his cart.

"I'm pretty excited, its a pretty big deal here in Chilliwack to have the biggest Walmart in all of BC,"

Brown wasn't shopping for anything in particular and said he just came down to "take a look and see the excitement"

Charlena Hansen, was second in line, and got there about 6:30am this morning but others said they were there at 4:30am. (Editor's note: It helps when you're a pretty woman with a bunch of gentlemen in front of you.)      


                                                                      Sardis Bakery owner, Nicholas Brown is first through the   

                                                                              doors of the new Chilliwack Walmart.

"I claim this as my Walmart," said Hensen with a laugh as she stood ready at the door a few minutes before going in. "I'm really excited to be here."

The mall is also billed as the largest strip mall in BC, and the Cineplex Galaxy Theatre is set to open next Friday, Nov. 19 and later in the spring, Home Depot will open followed by Dollar Giant and other assorted retailers.

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The guy who got there the earliest at 4:30am is in the centre with the glasses.

Chilliwack resident Charlena Hansen was second in line to get into the new Walmart.