Friday November 19, 2010



Veteran Leader Responds To MP Strahl

Many questions unanswered still

Submitted by Joe Beauchamp, MMM, CD, Veteran




read Mr. Strahl's Letter to the editor in the Chilliwack Times dated November 16, 2010. First and foremost, Mr. Strahl states in this letter, 'Yes, it's unfortunate my schedule did not allow me to attend the rally. It would have been nice to address these issues earlier.'

I ask Mr. Strahl to let his constituency know, what was so important that would prevent him from attending. Were the veterans not worthy of at least a response or have a representative present? Mr. Strahl also states

" For those interested in more details, I urge you to go to the Veterans Affairs website and look at Just The Facts". Again it is obvious that he personally does not want to engage with the veteran community. No mention of calling his constituency office or writing to him. Instead, Mr. Strahl refers veterans to a web site that contains the same political spin that he so eloquently wrote in his letter to the editor.

With regards to Mr. Strahl's comment "Conservative Government standing shoulder to shoulder with Veterans". I ask Mr. Strahl, how he is going to stand shoulder to shoulder with veterans? What is Government doing about Veterans being turned away from therapy? Why are we seeing a surge in homeless veterans and what is government doing about it? Will Mr. Strahl admit that the New Veterans Act was designed to save the government millions?

Will Government say enough is enough, and demand that the deficit will not be paid down by penny pinching the veteran? Will Mr. Strahl demand a Parliamentary Inquiry on how Veteran Affairs operates? Will he put a stop to the deny, delay, and hope we die attitude so prevalent in Veteran Affairs? Will Mr. Strahl ensure veterans are treated with deference rather than contempt and doubt when they are before Veteran Review Boards?

Will Mr. Strahl stop the lump sum payment and put back the monthly pension plan of the Old Veterans Act? Will Mr. Strahl fight to have the billions of dollars the government has depleted from our CFSA/RCMPSA Annuity accounts returned? Is Mr. Strahl comfortable with Senators, Members Of Parliament and Judge Advocates being exempt from the clawback annuity at age 65 while Military/RCMP Veterans are not? Nobody ever argued that the pension claw back at 65 was not actuary correct ... but was it fair when legislated in 1965? Are we not worthy?



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