Saturday November 13, 2010


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Top Twelve Toys

Walmart releases most popular list for Christmas 2010



almart Canada today announced its list of must-have toys for the 2010 holiday season. The prices for all 12 toys, available at Walmarts across the country, have been rolled back by as much as 30% to help Canadians get great value this holiday season.

Toys remain the top gift choice for children under 12 years of age. With the economic climate still uncertain, Canadians continue to be selective and focused on value--they are looking for ways to make their dollars go farther, particularly when it comes to creating memorable experiences for their children. Walmart dropped prices of brand-named toys in September to help parents begin their shopping early to spread out the cost of the holiday season.

In toys, the big trends this year are innovation and interactivity. From traditional toy brands like Lego and Mattel to technology toy brands like VTech, toy manufacturers are using technological innovations to make children's playing experience more fun.

Walmart's toy buying team reviewed thousands of toys to select the top 12 list, which is featured on "Both children and parents are looking for toys that stimulate the imagination because they are interactive," said Tamara Sakota, Walmart Canada's Chief Toy Officer. "We chose toys for our list that are innovative and fun, and we are delighted to be able to offer each of the 12 top toys at a great price."

Walmart has introduced new signage in the toy department to make it easier for busy, value-focused shoppers find the perfect gift. Each aisle is colour-coded either blue for toys preferred by boys, pink for toys preferred by girls and yellow for toys that are not gender-specific.

About Walmart Canada
Walmart Canada operates 321 outlets nationwide serving more than one million Canadians each day. With 80,000 associates, the company is the nation's third-largest employer. For the past three years, Walmart Canada has been ranked the top destination for Christmas shoppers by Maritz Research Canada.

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