Saturday November 6, 2010

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Choosing To Smile writers invite contest submissions

Submitted by Glenda Standeven



he Choosing to Smile Facebook group is holding a contest inviting people to submit their stories about something or someone that helped them through a tough time. The winner will receive an autographed copy of 'Choosing to Smile' - the contest ends November 15th.

The FB group was started by the three authors of 'Choosing to Smile' for people who have faced ANY type of adversity and who still choose to smile. It serves as a forum for people to recognize that they are not alone and perhaps discover coping skills that have worked for others faced with similar struggles.

The authors Glenda Standeven, Michelle Rickaby, and Julie Houlker are all long time cancer survivors. Julie is currently going through chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer. All three women share their life experiences - the good and the bad - in their book 'Choosing to Smile' which is available at Minter Country Garden, Coles, Country Colour Photo Lab, and many other locations which are all listed on their website or visit their Facebook page here.



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