Wednesday November 3, 2010

Arts News

Sagebrush to Seagulls

Christine Camilleri's intimate views of BC in oils


"Protected" painting by Camilleri listed in the gallery for $950. Voice photos.


ast week to catch the art show ending Nov. 10th at the Chilliwack Museum on Main St.


Artist's Caption: The sight of a grizzly bear and it's cub is an awesome sight. BC is considered to contain the heart of the remaining range where grizzly bears are found in North America. Mother bears are often ignored as subjects for paintings. I believe we are much more respectful of mother bear's ferociousness in defending her young, as even her cubs are not safe from male grizzlies who may try to kill them. These two are in the Chilcotin range, a rugged wilderness where these great animals can roam unmolested. Handout photo.


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Spirit of the Rain Forest - $950