Saturday November 20, 2010


Is Democracy Dying?

Empower yourself through this documentary film

Submitted by Jan Longmore, ACES


n association with Cinema Politica Fraser Valley, Area C Environmental Stewards (ACES) are holding a Community Movie Night on Friday November 26th at Harrison Mills Community Hall (1995 School Road) at 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30). We will be screening Paul Manly's "You, Me and the SPP: Trading  Democracy for Corporate Rule".


This must see, feature length, documentary exposes our governments attempt to push through the Security Prosperity Partnership's (SPP) corporatist agenda undermining the democratic rights and authority of its citizens. The SPP and the Trade Investment Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA), two main processes highlighted in the film, are rapidly eroding and eliminating standards, civil liberties, regulatory systems and institutions put in place over generations through the democratic process. "You, Me and the SPP" gives a thorough introduction to these issues that will increasingly affect every Canadian.

According to Michael Byer, Canada Research Chair, Global Politics and International Law at UBC, the ultimate goal of the Security Prosperity Partnership "is to create such tight integration between Canada, Mexico and the United States that effectively there will be only one North American political, security, military and economic place...that there really are no differentials between this country and the country next door". In essence, the sovereignty of the three nations involved will be threatened to ease the way for corporate rule.

On making this film Paul Manly states: "The motivation for my life’s work has been to create a better world for my children and future generations and I realized that the other work I was doing as a filmmaker and activist on social justice and environmental issues was going to be overrun by the SPP. The SPP is an overarching agenda that encompasses so many issues I was working at on an individual basis. Now I had a huge target and a way to explain how all of these different issues we face as a society were connected. Knowledge is power, but it is also a responsibility, once I knew about the SPP I knew I had to do something about it."

Bring your friends, join your neighbours, and become informed about the "secret" agenda of your government. Perhaps then the bigger picture of the issues we've been dealing with (ie: APP; IPP) will begin to emerge.

As always, admission is "pay what you can" and refreshments are by donation.

See you there.

Area C Environmental Stewards (ACES)


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