Thursday November 11, 2010



IPP Plants Affect River Recreation

Local kayakers worried about dewatering, flow reduction

Submitted by Ryan Bayes, Fraser Valley Whitewater


ts hard to say exactly how this will affect paddlers until its completed. The diverted water will undoubtedly reduce the number of days that the creek has sufficient flows to be paddled. Similar projects constructed in Squamish and Whistler over the last couple years saw access cut off entirely to public use while the construction was being done. I plan to visit the sites in the next couple weeks with a GPS and figure out exactly what sections will be dewatered.   

Aside from the loss of recreation and damage to the environment, one of my biggest issues is that for the most part we are selling off publicly owned rivers and creeks to private developers to sell electricity to the United Sates, if BC needed the electricity I don't think I would have such a bad taste in my mouth. Every year California removes multiple dams returning there rivers to there free flowing state while us BC'ers race to develop every natural resource we can. Seems to me like we are repeating the mistakes our neighbors to south made decades ago.

Here is a good link to American Rivers showing the scale of dam removal happening in the states:

This is a post from Cynthia McHale that works at Western Canoeing and Kayaking in Abbotsford from a trip we did last year up to Big Silver Creek:

Here is a trip report from a run we did on Statlu a year or 2 ago:


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