Wednesday November 18, 2010

New Book

Georgia Nicols Peers Into Our Future

Each sign has a never-before-done 40-year timeline

Submitted by Georgia Nicols

y first book, You And Your Future (of course, it's all about you) is now on sale at Hey 600 pages for $15.64? This is a bargooon! Order it now and get it before the holidays. (That's a 37% discount off the $24.95 book store price.)

You and Your Future describes the twelve signs (including romance, and each sign as a parent, child, boss and employee). At the end of each sign, there's a section on How to be a Happier Aries, How to be a Happier Gemini, How to be a Happier Scorpio etc. etc. (Except for Sagittarius -- they're happy enough.)

(Since we ALL have elements of all twelve signs in us, I think it's worthwhile to read all of the How to be Happier sections regardless of your sign.)

And now ta da! for the biggie; each sign also has a 40-Year Time Line of Horoscopes from 1985-2025. This has never before been done! And without a net!)

Read your past to test my accuracy, and if what I say resonates with you, then this same accuracy will apply for the next 15 years of your future until 2025.

You and Your Future advises you about when to buy and sell real estate; when to anticipate job changes and residential moves, and also when relationships are fatalistically difficult. (Gulp)

It's full of anecdotes, famous quotes and bad puns. (The names have been changed to protect the guilty.) Actually, in all sincerity, I think it's a fascinating book! (But I won't say any more in case I spoil the ending.) This is a book you'll keep reaching for as the years go by... but first you have to buy it. And what a great gift for anyone!

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