Thursday November 11, 2010


Baynes' Custody Battle Update

Family appeals for prayer

Submitted by Zabeth Baynes


ould you please pray for Paul and Zabeth Bayne and their three children, Kent (6), Baden (4) and Bethany (3). Pray for Zabeth, pregnant with their fourth child and now in her sixth month. And pray for Judge Thomas Crabtree who in the next 8-12 weeks is reviewing all court documents to prepare his ruling.

It has been three years that they have been apart. The family visits together twice per week, 3 hours one afternoon and six hours on Saturdays. You can see that they desire so much to be together permanently. The judge's

decision will either be to award custody to Paul and Zabeth or to the province of B.C. I am convinced that this family must be rescued and restored.

I will let you know the outcome. Meanwhile you can follow the discussion at


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