Saturday November 20, 2010

BC Politics

A Stacked Senate

Is Harper manipulating the senate?

Submitted by Gwen O'Mahony


"It's appalling that Prime Minister Harper's appointed Senators would defeat a Bill that has been passed by our duly elected Parliament" Gwen O'Mahony stated after learning of the Senate vote on the Climate Change Accountability Act. This Act, which had been passed by a vote in the House of Commons, would have set stringent environmental targets with stronger penalties for polluters.

"While Stephen Harper hands out billions of dollars in tax breaks to big oil companies and other polluters, his appointed Senators undemocratically kill an NDP sponsored Bill already adopted by our elected representatives in the House of Commons" Ms. O'Mahony went on to say. " It is time to set firm targets, and harsh penalties, on polluters to protect our Environment. It is also time to abolish the Senate"